Truffle USA

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"Truffles USA imports directly with family truffle businesses in Italy. These family businesses have been passed down from generation to generation for centuries with the expectation that the family name will hold and/or surpass its reputation. Truffles USA nor its suppliers will ever mix Italian Truffles with Truffles from another country as our goal is to protect, preserve and share the world known flavors of our Italian truffles. We guarantee that every ounce of truffle is 100% from the center of Italy and comes straight from the ground of Italy and onto your plate."

In 2016 I was approached by Amie and her husband Alex to build out the brand for their newly founded company, Truffles USA.

The inspiration for the brand came from the dogs who help families hunt for truffles. We silhouetted the pets to create a simplistic and identifiable logo that would set Truffle USA apart from its competitors. It was my goal to give the company a bold contemporary look that still had the sophistication of other reputable truffle companies. Thus a look was created that can carry across numerous platforms - packaging, labels, brochures, business cards, web, etc.

Check out the great work being done over at Truffles USA.