The Fan Experience Playbook

Teams and venues face an enduring paradox: fans are the lifeblood of sports and entertainment, so it is critical to listen to their wants and needs. But if fans always had their way, coaches would be fired with nearly every loss, players would be traded with nearly every slump, and tickets – not to mention parking, hot dogs and beer – would be free.

So where should teams and venues draw the line between what fans say they want and what should actually be done to enhance the fan experience? In an era of stagnant attendance, ubiquitous HD home viewing, and growing second screen engagement, that is an increasingly important question. But now, Wasserman and Navigate have the answer:

Introducing... The Fan Experience Playbook

Worked closely with the analytics team to develope the look and feel of the playbook, website, and infographics to help inform the audience in a visual way the best approach to a better fan experience.