Join Art Sux Anyways as we explore a cultural mix of photographers from the East to the West coasts of America in a one night show. These photographers document lifestyles that we live and breathe, bringing the tranquil & the disobedient to one location where the viewer can too participate in the simplicity of nature & the complexity of adapting to urbanization. In this collection we bring together skate, motor and outdoorsman culture while looking at the juxtaposition of each & how these lifestyles blend together to create one culture, as well as our own personal mantras.

Curation, Coordination, Marketing.

In collaboration with Think Tank Gallery, and Superchief Gallery, Art Sux Anyways assembled its network of artists to help fill portions of the Los Angeles Theatre and the Tower Theatre for Night on Broadway. 

Curation, Coordination.


Exchange between artists from Los Angeles and Tijuana. 

In collaboration with Superchief Gallery, Art Sux Anyways co-curated a night at The Standard hotel in downtown LA to help activate their lower lobby. The evening consisted of live music, art, video installations, and an overall atmosphere of relaxation and socializing. 

Curation, Coordination, Marketing