Nathan C. Warner

Nathan Warner is a Los Angeles native currently based in Boise, ID. Growing up he spent his free time in the mountains backpacking, hiking, camping, skating – anything to disconnect from the digital landscape that is so inherently a part of city life. Warner initially began his education at Santa Monica College as a fine art painting major, quickly realizing that community is an invaluable part of his world, and central to bringing ideas to life. After exhibiting in Los Angeles for several years, he went north to San Francisco to study at the San Francisco Art Institute as a Design and Technology major, focusing largely on the changing digital landscape and the historical progression that both branding and identity have followed. His experience as a fine artist, designer, and community leader led him to found Art Sux Anyways, an art collective that exhibits pop up shows while bringing together creatives to support and learn from each other.

Warner’s expansive knowledge of both digital and print design as well as branding and identity have given him the ability to work in numerous industries ranging from fashion (American Apparel, Lucky Brand, BCBG) to sports (the Arbor Collective, MLB, NBA, NFL, MLS, U.S. Olympic Committee), technology (Samsung, Microsoft), and food and beverages (Albertsons, Jack Daniel’s). These experiences allow him to bring a unique perspective and aesthetic to the table in his design work, regardless of the subject. Warner now freelances, specializing in brand identity, creative direction, marketing, advertising, UX/UI, and print.


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